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IN PURSUIT OF YOU: The 8 of Cups Tarot Card 🧗🏾‍♀️

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

She has so much, yet there she goes. This woman isn't on fire, a living breathing embodiment of the words seeker, path maker and maven. I love the energy of the 8 of Cups and to be honest, it's what I aspire to. When the Eight of Cups arrives in my own personal readings, I know that I am being called to wander, to search for more--knowing that all my healthy, loving relationships can maintain the strain that my continued search (for truth, meaning and Spirit) might create.

The Journey Begins...

The Eight of Cups provides an excellent visual anchor as you begin to hibernate and dream, perhaps about the excitement, freshness, and potential of the coming spring months.

In the Eight of Cups we see a mysterious hooded figure retreating into the distant horizon. Behind her the sky is clear and the sun is setting. What has she left behind? Eight cups, shining in the moonlight. These represents the relationships and emotional bonds that she’s nurtured and that are overflowing.

But two are still visible, and these need to filled in order for her to be fulfilled. This card isn't about abandonment, neglect or mistreatment. No, no! It’s about accepting and following our desire to roam. It’s about embracing the need to pursue our own passions and sate our wanderlust. Often these cups represent our emotional bonds to family, friends and community. But instead of inspiring guilt, they are a reminder that we are supported in our solo journey because of them.


I've met so many women who I know will embark upon a journey within their own deep interior universe (hopefully if they begin studying Tarot with me) as well as all their own treks across our vast terra firms here on earth. If you are one of these beautiful, brilliant onesThe simple message of this card: know that you are loved and secure in your love and family relationships, because there is more fulfillment to come. Your destiny and a new journey await. And to be perfectly clear, this is a solo journey. A ride that you buy the ticket for so only YOU are going for the ride. And what I want you to know most of all, is that's it's okay to enjoy it. Kick back and have fun, because your loved ones are real and your relationships are true. Ready for takeoff? Cool. I'll be over here cheering you on.

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