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THE SUN: Everybody loves the Sunshine! 🌞

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It's Your Time to Shine! 🌻✨🌞😎

The Sun Tarot ard has been stalking me, y’all. It’s sticking to my fingers. I’m seeing and turning to it so often in my own personal readings and in those of my clients and community, so you know what that means! We’re gonna take a deep dive into the sunny goodness of the Sun Tarot card!

So many uplifting words and phrases come to mind when I pull this card: optimism, bright expression, safety, Source Energy and victory are just a few. One of my favorite go-to phrases to explain this card is: the sun shines on this endeavor. So whatever it is that a client comes to me for, when the Sun card is revealed it means and unequivocable YES! This is what the ancestors want for you. This is a good look, so whatever “this” is for you, the answer is yes. Let’s gooooooo!

Soak up the Sunshine 😎

Black Tarot Cards, BIPOC Tarot, Tarot Cards, The Sun Tarot Card
The Deck: Tazama African Tarot

The Sun Tarot card is one that is so very easy to make experiential. Simpy hold the card in your hand and gaze at it. We see a beautiful walled garden where with rows and rows and rows of sunflowers blooming against a gorgeous white wall. The sun is predominant and glorious! In my Golden Art Nouveau deck It shines down with a little bit of cheeky smile.😏 To me, it appears to be laughing with delight as it look down on the card’s darling central figure: a deliriously happy, naked baby on a white horse! She’s holding a wand with a gorgeous, vermillion banner streaming from the top. The Sun Tarot card is awash with oranges, yellows and reds, all of those colors that evoke the feeling and the warmth of fire. Her arms are outstretched, her face is wide open and exudes delight and the amazing childlike ability to live entirely in the beauty and spontaneity of the present, ecstatic moment!

🌻 Every single time I hear this song, I know I'm exactly where I belong...🌞

The Sun Card: 3 Important Takeaways 🧿✨🧹✨🌻

  1. PROTECTION 🧿: The strong wall, lined with blooming sunflowers confers an idea of safety. If this card arises for you (especially if you are a survivor of trauma, or IPV) know that you are safe, protected and that NOW is the time to take a chance and make your next embolden, intentional and inspired action.

  2. A SWEET CLEAN 🧹: We often talk about the “disinfecting power” of sunlight. And so I’m encouraging you to USE the card to investigate this very practical aspect of the Sun Tarot card in your everyday life. What aspect of your life needs a little spring clean? What needs to be dragged out and steam cleaned? Stressing about money, health or relationships? If the Sun card appears in your reading, then consider what aspect of your life need the sweet clean of sunshine and then get to cleaning!

3. THE OPTIMISTIC SUNFLOWER 🌻: Look at a sunflower, in your own garden, nighborhood or even on YouTube at a time lapse video. The sunflower’s face is so big, open and cheery, but more than that, it’s dramatic in how it literally turns its face towards the sun! And so the Sun Tarot card is a big reminder is to call in, bring in and spend time doing what you love. If it makes you happy and pretty reliably ushers in joy? Then do it. Put the energy vampires (i.e. your draining *ss relatives, toxic frenemies and work colleagues)aside for a bit and soak up the sunshine of what YOU love. Turn your face to your sources of joy the way the sunflower turns it’s gorgeous face to the sun!


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