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THE FIVE OF SWORDS: F*ck around and you'll Soon Find Out. 😲

The Five of Swords Tarot Card is one of the only Fives in the entire deck that gives me a wicked little frisson of delight when I pull it. Why? Well, believe it or not, there is a compliment implicit in its very nature. I personally get excited (in a rather dark way, actually) when I see this card because my entire astrological chart is all fire and air, and when the Five of Swords shows up, it means I’m either in or headed full-tilt towards a mental battle–a battle that I am more than prepared for and will likely result in a handy win. See the implied compliment? One of the presaging messages of the Five of Swords is really seductive to me because I love compliments (stellium in Leo, checking in 🙋🏽‍♀️) and this slick Pip card assures me that I have the wit, the mental acuity, the smarts, the cheek, to get exactly what I want in an argument, especially if it's verbal or written!

Nerd with a Sword 🤓⚔️

And this is where I confess: your friendly neighborhood Tarot reader is and always has been a debate nerd. I love forensics and I took to debate in high school like a duck to water. I love a good argument and the beauty of a well-structured debate. There's something about the clever use of the English language to cajole and persuade that really revs my motor, gets me going and you know what? I'm good at it, always have been and I’m unapologetically proud of it. Probably because it was one of the first things in school that I was ever rewarded for. That is right–you're looking at a girl that actually lettered in debate. That's how I earned my letter in high school.

I absolutely love a good clever argument. I love it Aaron Sorkin shows with clever banter. and verbal repartee. My sister and I are like that, in so many ways-we are not ashamed to admit to you all that we luuuuuv the sound of my own voices. We're podcasters that come from a long line of lawyers. So when I see the Five of Swords Tarot card arrive for me, I know that a battle is coming up. And while I don't enjoy confrontation, I know that if it's going to be a mental battle of me outwitting someone, if the challenge means I get to stretch my intellect, and show off my smooth tongue, or punch with a silk encased fist, or distract my opposition with deftly employed silkiness of voice or charming manner, my Ego is ready to charge into this fray because I know I'm going to win and winning feels…exhilarating.

A Five by any other name is still a Five ! 😮

If any of the Fives in the Tarot show up, the truth of the matter is we're in a crappy place. However it may appear on our sunny, perfectly turned out exterior, it is practically guaranteed that “things” are not happy or “okay” right now. It doesn’t even matter which 5 we’re talking about. Whether it is the Five of Cups, the Five of Swords or even the Five of abundance and prosperity loving Pentacles, or our COTD, the Five of Wands. When they arrive, it means that we're at the hardest part. And that “part” simply put, usually means that we or someone close to us is smack dab in the middle of chaos and confusion. Misunderstandings abound and we find ourselves unable to avoid some kind of conflict. #IamwhoIam #flawsandall. 😆

Ok, Cersei. 🙄

But when I see the Five of Swords, even thought it initially seduces and flatters me, I have to call a spade a spade and know a Five for what it is: a messy, chaotic Hellmouth of a Five *ss situation that I should intuitively and thoughtfully work my way around, through, or avoid entirely if I can. After 25 years of loving and reading the Tarot, I know that the Five of Swords Tarot Card means confrontation. And despite the thrill of the initial victory, if I step into the fray, I'm likely to end up dealing with a lot of collateral damage.

Victory, but at what cost? 🏆

The Five of Swords arrives to let us know that you're about to enter the fray, and if you enter it, you'll likely win. But at what cost? What will I or my loved ones fall victim to if I utter those hurtful words or write that witty, brilliant but cruel and confrontational tweet or text? But fear not, I have three simple steps to help you work through, with or around the Five of Swords Tarot Card energy and archetype.


And the answer to how to deal with this is very simple. But first, let's look at the card. In the foreground, we see a standing figure holding three swords and two more are lying at his feet on the ground. There are two defeated, disarmed combatants walking away from the victor and towards a still harbor. In the background, we see tumultuous and ominous-looking storm clouds. The wind is blowing and these seemingly harmless storm clouds foreshadow a large battle yet to come. The victorious sword fighter is wearing a self-satisfied smirk. They have a smirk on their face- and that’s the element that stops me in my tracks every time. That smirk foretells the agony and heartache to come. Why? Because when the Five of Swords comes up and you decide to go ahead and choose violence, you can rest assured that the pride that you are feeling is the precursor to an impending, very 5-like fall.

Your Five of Swords Blueprint in 3 Steps! 1️⃣...2️⃣...3️⃣

Inspired Action!💥 Do these THREE things when you encounter the Five of Swords Tarot card.

1. 💥 BREATH. Stop and take a moment. Take a breath. Take three. Actually, let's follow the direction of the card and take at least five good breaths before you say another word or pick up the phone to flame roast someone with a text that I promise you'll regret later on. Take a short moment to give yourself a little mental space. I personally love to consult my ancestors at a juncture like this.

2. 💥 The Hanged One: Go to your deck, find the Hanged One, and give it a good once over and a little Tarot journaling time. Why? Because this card encourages you to lean into the discomfort of your situation in order to get a little enlightenment as to what is really going on. It encourages us to take up and view the situation from a different perspective. Take the two, retreating figures walking away and place them in context to the people person or places things institutions you might be in confrontation with. Right now who do they represent? How might they turn back around and strike back when you least expect it. Imagine how this looks from their perspective? What do you know about what is going on with them? Imagine how you might think or speak differently in a calmer moment.

3. 💥 Respect the Sword: Swords in the Tarot represent mental energy: ideas, thoughts, media, tech, and modes of communication. And life in 2022 is particularly “swordy.” Whether we admit it or not, most of us love how quickly, directly, and creatively tech allows us to communicate and get those sweet, sweet dopamine hits. Whether it's binge-watching Netflix or submitting our own witty barbs to the gossipy group chat, or just binge-scrolling through TikTok, we should acknowledge that while all of these “swordy” things are fun, they also have the capacity to do harm. Words mean things. What we say matters. What we write or immortalize on Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram matters. Neglecting or ignoring this fact guarantees that when the Five of Swords presents itself in your reading if you’re not already in a full-on Five of Swords situation, you may certainly end up in one.


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