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EUREKA! Brilliant Ideas & the Ace of Swords💡

I love all the of the Aces in the Tarot, but I just looooove this particular Ace. Why? Because like any Queen of Wands, I am an idea machine and I really respect my own mental powers, intellect and I sure as hell love having around and learning from other brilliant women, so I know that when I see the the Ace of Swords in a Tarot card reading, whether for myself or a client, I know that we're about to discuss a new idea that the Universe wants to come to fruition. So let's jump in!

Upright Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning 𐃉

The Ace of Swords symbolizes new beginnings, mental clarity and the blessed arrival of new ideas. And as great as that is, what I get excited about is that this Tarot card represents CLARITY-- a clear headspace from which all sorts of great things can happen.

The Ace of Swords arrives (or can be used in an intentional Tarot card pull during your meditation or daily journaling) when you want to unleash your creative potential or need some help with finding clarity in your work, school or overall life's direction. Ace cards also tend to indicate that optimism is at hand and it’s time to take action!

I also Stan the Ace of Swords Ace card because it represents not just a real opportunity to release the darkness of mental confusion, but also the opportunity to wash away real life creative obstacles (like that creators' anathema writers' block) with the bracing cold, bright air of enlightenment.

Always remember, the upright Ace of Swords Tarot card not only symbolizes new beginnings, mental clarity and arrival of new ideas, but they are a specific reminder from the Universe (and our detail-oriented, King and Queen of Swords ancestors) the need to take ACTION on these ideas. Because all of the candle burning, card pulls, ritual and incantions in the world won't yield a published book or blog! You have to put in the actual work and inspired action. So please remember, all of the Tarot Aces cards signify not just the opportunity, but the need to take action to bring that brilliant idea to life!

3 Ways to Take Inspire Action with the Ace of Swords! 💥

1. CREATE ✨a project plan, complete with detailed steps to take. Notion is great for this, and I'm a huge fan of it personally. Other planning apps like Monday are more boring but probably as effective.

2. READ 🤓up on the subject to build your knowledge base. And hey, if you find yourself interacting with books as opposed to reading them (like yours truly over here) always remember that Audible ( I know you've got tons of those sweet hot, hot credits lying around) and audiobooks from your local library exist. Use em, sis!

3. ASK ❓experts you know for feedback or advice. And this includes friends and family. Each of knows or works with at least ONE King or Queen that can give you at least one useful bit of advice that might help you charge forward on your brainy new project! Push each and every Queen and King of Swords that you know up in your "Must Call" list

🜁🦋 EUREKA! Create an Air Altar 🦋🜁

When the Ace of Swords arrives for a client, I get pumped! I can envision the Queen and Page of Swords and the blindfolded, nightgown draped from the Two of Swords get hyped because it means that the Universe wants you to start writing that book, screenplay or blog. Whatever your brilliant idea is, the Ace of Swords means that clarity around what it is and, fingers crossed🤞🏽, how to begin in are about to become crystal clear.

So! To keep these productive, airy ass vibes inflow, bring in a few things to your altar and sacred spaces to embody the element of Air. Fish through your Tarot decks, find your Ace of Swords Tarot Card and prop it up and build a little Air altar around it. Some ideas of what to include are:

  1. Feathers: I live in a beautiful wooded valley in Northern California and I hear screaming Red-Shouldered Hawks all day and gently hooting owls all night. These gorgeous raptors are such beautiful symbols of the element Air. If you have any fallen feathers, add them to your altar.

  2. Incense: Add in the fragrance and swirl of incense or smoke to your altar. Light up your favorite stick or dry herbs (there are so many that correspond to the element Air) watch the seductive whorls and use them to send along your verbal affirmations into the ether!

  3. Books: a book is a beautiful addition to your Air altar. If ever there was a symbol for the power of Air, ideas and sword energy it is your favorite, most inspirational (or aspirational) book!

Ace of Swords: A Message for Survivors 🤝

For survivors of abusive relationships, the Ace of Swords Ace Tarot card has a very special message. This pointy Ace is a brilliant, sometimes startling reminder to document and memorialize moments of clarity. For so many survivors, those blessed moments of clarity are invaluable for so many reasons, but mostly because they are so few and far between.

Abusers continually attack the mental health of their victims through various methods.

Mental and emotional abuse is defined as a pattern of behavior in an intimate relationship that is designed to control the other person. It can involve a range of behaviors, including: verbal abuse, emotional blackmail, threats, intimidation, isolation, and stalking. As a lifelong advocate, the devastating effects of mental and emotional abuse, sometimes seem far worse than the pain of physical abuse.

It's important for survivors to understand that the abusive behavior is due to the abuser's need for power and control over another person, rather than any sort of love or affection. Abusers refuse to stop the abuse, number one because it works and number two, it's what they've been taught is the only way to be in intimate relationship and is therefore all they know how do. And here's a hint, they rarely if ever change, even if they do learn new skills

Email me or swing by and see me on Clubhouse and let me know how this one hit for you! Remember, my Secret Service Tarot reading is brilliant for helping establish boundaries and I created the Queen of Swords reading to support survivors specifically! Love y'all so much!

Yours in TAROT, POWER and SOUL,


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