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Sacred Mornings: Setting the Stage for Mommy Magic

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The one personal discipline that is dear and sacred to my heart and absolutely crucial to my Craft is my morning ritual. The number one complaint I hear from other “magickal mommies” is that between work, COVID-19 homeschooling and work, there simply isn’t time for study, spell craft or even a little kitchen witchery. I think that the answer to this is simple: design a soulful morning routine then set the alarm an hour earlier. It is THE key to becoming the Mommy who actually has time to do magic.

Pre humble brag warning: I am up before dawn most mornings. Now, I smile and chuckle as I type this because, y’all. I was, for so many years, what down south we would call, a lazy, lazy Susan. There was nothing I loved more than sleeping in. I am, after a Leo sun and Taurus ascendant. But I've got reasons! I was so dedicated to lounging and luxuriating because I grew up in such a strict, chore driven home. There was no napping or sleeping in on the weekends because that was when my single working mother could squeeze in time to supervise house cleaning and yard work. Work, I might add, that was performed solely by me and my sisters. There were no handymen, big brothers or gardeners. We mowed the lawn, raked then bagged the leaves and fertilized the lawn. This was usually after making breakfast for the entire family, cleaning the house, doing our laundry for the week. So please believe me when I tell you that when my Mom dropped me off at college, the first thing I did was set my alarm and take a two hour nap!

But when I began to seriously practice my Craft, I was already a mother of two and had just reentered the workforce. I looked pretty spiffy from the outside, but the truth was that I was just emerging after having taken massive steps to heal from decades of untreated anxiety and depression as a result of childhood trauma. But I knew there could be no real effective or powerful intention setting, manifestation or conjure without time for serious meditation and meaningful, daily engagement with the elements. So I bought a “healthy habits” journal and decided to go for it. I was going to start my mornings with a (very quiet) bang! And to get the most that I could out of it, I was going start at 5:30. That would give me enough time to tick all the “daily disciplines” boxes. I was manically ambitious!

I subscribed to two meditation apps: Insight Timer (because I liked the witchy, metaphysical angle of many of the meditations) and Ten Percent Happier, because I like the mindfulness training aspect of many of the courses. So I started out with yoga, a full on am skincare regimen, drank at least a quart of water, 3 different supplements, burned incense and lit candles while I waited for my coffee water to boil. Then I meditated, did my daily Tarot journaling, personal reparenting journaling and intention setting. My Monday morning routine was even more complicated! That involved an entire hour dedicated to synching my paper planner (a Magic Mommy's secret weapon from Savor Life Planner) which corporates vision boarding and collaging), a peek-at-the-week divination spread in addition to my Card of The Day study and journaling. Good Lord, I wonder that I ever made it a month! What I didn’t know at the time, was that this was me, experimenting with true Self Care. No matter how fresh faced I may have looked at a PTA meeting or when I stepped stepped out of the door on date night this was the first time I’d ever really set aside hours of the day to take care of my needs first. And I really needed it. That’s why I went after it so manically.

And now, years later, the routine has blissfully evolved and mercifully simplified. I wake, do a few stretches and spinal twists before I get out of bed. I write a few lines in my bedside dream journal and then apply a mask or exfoliant that I leave on until everyone wakes up. I grind my beans the night before so I can make my coffee as quickly as the electric kettle can boil the water. While the water boils I light my charcoal and two candles and sprinkle on dried herbs on the glowing coals. I settle myself on the couch facing the east facing window, take a few sips and begin a half hour of meditation. I go straight to my daily Tarot study and journalling. I do a quick review of my day and remaining week. If I’m lucky I get my mask rinsed off before I hear the 11 year old wake up to begin her own routine-a routine that I know in my heart that I helped to inspire and contrive whenever I can to support.

So if you’re a Magick Mommy who’s having trouble making time for your Craft and igniting your daily glow, here’s what I suggest.

Start before you even get out of bed. One of my favorite meditation apps, Ten Percent Happier, has an excellent meditation entitled “Before Getting Out of Bed” that’s available in three different time increments. So if you’re slow, reluctant or just damn resistant to meditation, you can get it done in 5 minutes, while snuggled up in bed before your feet hit the floor.

Take credit for what you’re already doing. Engaging with the elements with intention doesn’t have to involve elaborate, high ceremonial level rituals. To quote the Queen of Wands herself, Jennifer Lewis, “Ain’t no body got time for that!” Especially on a Tuesday morning! Chances are you already have a couple of “twofers” going on already. A single cup of green tea combines the elements of Earth + Water. Burning a stick of sweet grass incense combines Earth + Air + Fire. Simply touching and watering a pot of herbs on your kitchen windowsill combines Earth + Water. If you like most people and wash your face, are committed a.m. hydrators, and can’t leave the house without boiling hot water for the morning beverage, congratulations! You are both connecting and cleansing with the element of water. Twofers are everywhere.

Move! I’m one of those witchy women that generates her power with dance. And no matter how sluggish or sore I may feel in the morning, listening to a mellow groove, power song or even tribal chants enlivens me and helps me express gratitude and feel my power as an empowered woman as one of my first acts for the day. How fabulous I am throughout my day as a Magick Mommy, Witchy Wife and Heroic Healer all flow from there.


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