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Corporate Event Tarot!

Be the creative genius and intuitive innovator that introduces
Tarot to your Company’s team-building and HR strategy!

The Gilded Apsara Corporate Events Services creates fun and dynamic Tarot themed experiences that will inspire your team, help them unleash their creativity, explore different perspectives, and build stronger intra-departmental connections with one another. A single day of mini-readings for a Department will send morale into the stratosphere! 

No matter the size of your team or event, Owner and Founder, Halicue Hanna will create a custom Tarot experience that’s tailored to the needs and interests of your team and clients. Halicue specializes in creating a fun, warm, intellectual and interactive atmosphere that is perfect for sparking team creativity, improving Team morale, mindful management of transition. Our corporate Tarot services invigorate your Team’s creative problem solving and encourages insightful conversations. Services include: 

  • Group Tarot readings + individual mini-readings-

  • Team-building games + facilitated archetype discussion and presentations.

  • Tarot for Mindfulness + Meditation workshops


Halicue uses ancient arts, spiritual practices, and tools for success to embolden and empower individuals and their organizations.

Experience the power of Tarot with Halicue and The Gilded Apsara Corporate services today! Contact us to learn more about what we can offer for your next team-building or staff recognition event.

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The Scarlet Sage




     Past Clients Include   

Tarot Corporate Reading with Halicue
Kendo tarot

pick a card 

Why bring Tarot to your organization?

Let The Gilded Apsara support your Creative & Events teams creation of dazzling and authentic Metaphysical and Intuitive Arts (Astrology, Tarot, Aura Photography and Palmistry) themed booths, installations and merchandise for you industry trade show, conference or conventions. Our consulting services include: 

  • Research, Creative and Event Design support

  • Actor and Staff Training

  • VIP Client, Staff, Reception and Green Room Tarot + Astrology entertainment

  • Tarot Card themed Merch + Giveaway Design

While honoring the confidentiality of your organization and team she can:

  • Create a safe, fun, creative space that cultivates introspection and innovation

  • Get to the bottom of any challenges your team is facing

  • Help individuals and teams get in touch with their own innate creativity and intuition

  • Provide management with clarity around organizational needs

Whether for a strategy meeting, corporate retreat, or just a fun night out Halicue can personalize a reading that will meet you and your team where you are and help you get where you need to go.

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